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With hundreds of cloud projects under our belt, we most likely already solved challenges similar to yours

Our Expertise

We are experts in Azure PaaS and global Sitecore deployments on Azure, working exclusively in this domain since 2010. Our experience gives us deep insights to navigate through Azure services, and architect solutions based on best practices.

Our Partnerships

We are a Managed Microsoft Partner, CSP Direct and Microsoft Cloud Platform Partner.

Our focus

Copenhagen Mist was founded to accomplish an industry first: To provide an infrastructure-as-a-framework that improves and evolves. Azure Blueprint, the industry’s first managed reference architecture, is the product of our efforts.

Dive in

It all starts with assessment and understanding.
Enhance your Sitecore solution and speed up time-to-market with our managed reference architecture services.

Our partnerships matter

We are who we work with. Through rock-solid partnering, we bring our clients closer to great solutions.

Our Microsoft Partnership is deep and longstanding; since 2010 we have been in close contact and cooperation with the Azure product teams.

Today Copenhagen Mist is a Gold Microsoft Partner, direct CSP and an Azure Advisor.

This close relationship enables us to constantly monitor cloud trends and deliver unique relationship value to our customers.

Our team originates from within Sitecore, and has led the cloud development for years. Naturally Copenhagen Mist is today an engaged Sitecore service provider, and accelerate other Sitecore Partners with our Azure Services.