Sitecore on Azure Cloud Success Planning

Our standard engagement tailored to optimize Sitecore Azure deployments

Sitecore on Azure Cloud Success Planning

Let our experience and insights drive your Sitecore Azure migration to success: Cost and Risk Assessment, Architecture Planning, Resource Optimization and PoC all in a pre-defined engagement tailored to optimize Sitecore Azure deployments. Microsoft funding available.

Sitecore on Azure Cloud Success Planning is our standard engagement, providing an extensive assessment of performance and functional requirements, architecture planning, migration and cost planning as well as a Proof-of-Concept deployment to validate performance and provide hands-on results and a strong understanding of your production deployment to Azure.


Assessment of Sitecore environments, modules, analytics, application, traffic patterns and audience geography


Architecture Planning for global cloud scalability, xDB Planning, and lifecycle planning


Configure and deploy a Proof of Concept


Migration planning, Subscription setup, Scaling patterns & Alerting logic


Estimate monthly cost for running deployment on Azure. Assess SLA and Global Elasticity

Why run Sitecore on Azure?

Setting up Sitecore to take full advantage of Azure PaaS services is key to harvesting the benefits and promise of the cloud. When done right and with experience, you can expect to achieve:


High availability easily exceeding 99,99% uptime with global failover based on the right cloud architecture and configuration.

Smart Cost Reduction

Significantly lower resource consumption cost and solution TCO. On Azure PaaS you dimension to the actual use, not to expected peaks, and the services are fully managed.


A fully elastic solution which scales according to needs within minutes. Perfect for added seasonal load or saving resource costs during nights or weekends.

Our Expertise

Microsoft Azure is the preferred cloud service for the Sitecore Experience Platform. To leverage Azure’s benefits to the fullest, it is essential that the solution architecture and design is done right. Our 7-year experience in transitioning Sitecore products and solutions to Azure gives our team unique insights and knowledge in optimally deploying your Sitecore solution onto Azure.

Microsoft Sponsored Workshops

Copenhagen Mist is through our deep relationship with Microsoft selected as a trusted Azure partner, and can provide onboarding consulting engagements supported and funded by Microsoft. These engagements are performed as cloud assessments workshops where we apply our experience to quantify and de-risk a cloud migration project at an early stage.

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