Extend Sitecore into China

Our Azure solutions optimizes visitor experience with ease

Deploying Sitecore into the Chinese Market is notoriously difficult to achieve and has left many companies wanting more from their Sitecore solution. Only Copenhagen Mist have developed a highly functional and scalable solution that works with your existing Sitecore deployment in the Chinese market.

We have support for both Content Delivery Network based content acceleration and our own proprietary Blueprint platform. Our Blueprint carefully packages best-practise deployments for quick time-to-market, low TCO and higher ROI.

CDN only

Origin outside China. Speeds up content delivery within China.

Pay only for the traffic you use

Speed up static content with little effort and limited cost.

Sitecore CD

Webapp deployed inside China, connected to your existing Sitecore solution

Full Content Delivery node in China

Supports xDB and xConnect connections

Extends your existing Sitecore installation, even if not on Azure

Chinese CDN services included

Azure Blueprint for Sitecore

Deployed in China and connected to your Sitecore solution

Full Content Delivery node in China

Built on best practices reference architecture

Layered security and WAF

Have needs outside the box?

We support a range of other solutions for accelerating Sitecore installations within Mainland China. Consult us, and hear more about Sitecore CM acceleration, benchmarking and other options for taking advantage of the Azure Mooncake datacenters in China.

Learn more about how our China Extension Services for Azure can benefit your project

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Azure Blueprint for Sitecore

Fully loaded, enterprise-grade, secure, compliant, end-to-end managed Azure environment for Sitecore Solutions