Faisto Moves Its World-Class Commerce Experience to the Cloud


Lemvigh-Müller (LM) is Denmark’s largest supplier wholesaler of steel and technical installations. In 2018 the company branched out with Faisto, its commerce site serving consumers with high-quality building tools and supplies.

Faisto’s meticulously mapped navigation paths offer unique insight into each customer, making smart recommendations based on preferences and behavior. Copenhagen Mist worked with agency partner Alpha Solutions to move Faisto’s 8.2 Sitecore Experience Commerce environment to Azure Blueprint, to best ensure always-on availability and fast page loads on top of the site’s sophisticated personalization.

With Azure Blueprint as its cloud foundation, the Faisto commerce site is resilient and blazing fast. Blueprint additionally simplifies future growth, offering support for Faisto’s requirements to scale secure, global deployments.

CPH Mist delivers
  • High performance for intense personalization
  • Resilience during peak demand
  • Future-proof foundation for growth
  • Azure IaaS
  • Blueprint for Sitecore
  • Blueprint IDO Edge
  • Business Critical 24/7
  • On-Prem Integration
  • Sitecore Commerce