Hempel Integrates a Flurry of Acquisitions with Ease

Hempel A/S

Founded in 1915, Hempel A/S is a leading global supplier of industrial coatings and paints. In 2021 Hempel went on an acquisition spree, picking up three companies during the COVID pandemic, when virtually all of Hempel’s business was transacted online. There was extraordinary pressure on the IT organization to quickly bring up the new brands’ commerce capabilities under the Hempel umbrella.

Luckily, Hempel has been a Copenhagen Mist customer since 2019, steadily expanding the footprint of its Azure Blueprint managed reference architecture.

With Mist initially addressing specific performance issues such as regional latencies, the insights and improvements Blueprint facilitated also prepared Hempel to integrate its acquisitions’ digital environments. The new business-critical commerce capabilities were quickly up and running, allowing Hempel to focus more fully on growing its business.

CPH Mist delivers
  • Fast integration of new properties
  • Robust foundation for global commerce
  • Ongoing performance improvements
  • Azure PaaS
  • Blueprint for Sitecore
  • Blueprint IDO Edge
  • Blueprint Managed Solr
  • China Presence
  • Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure Design
  • Global
  • On-Prem Integration
  • Sitecore XP