Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort Guests Create Curated, Memorable Experiences

Mazagan Beach Resort

Set along the Moroccan coast, Mazagan Beach & Golf Resort (a division of Kerzner International) is a sprawling 250-hectare resort with seven kilometers of beachside. There, guests can choose from myriad activities on land and sea, and dine at the resort’s 13 restaurants. Copenhagen Mist’s Azure Blueprint powers Mazagan’s digital presence, helping guests to effortlessly curate memorable experiences that might include, in a single day, golf, a beach camel ride, surfing at sunset and a full range of children’s activities.

“By providing a proven cloud architecture for Mazagan’s expansive Sitecore presence, Azure Blueprint has helped Kerzner to reduce project risk and optimize costs. It’s also highly reassuring to know that Copenhagen Mist is continuously improving Blueprint, and thus our operations.”

— Willem Both, executive vice president of IT at Kerzner International

CPH Mist delivers
  • Highly personalized environment
  • Fast, easy experience configuration
  • Sustained website performance
  • Azure PaaS
  • Blueprint for Sitecore
  • Blueprint IDO Edge
  • Blueprint Managed Solr
  • Business Critical 24/7
  • China Presence
  • Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure Design
  • eCommerce
  • Global
  • On-Prem Integration
  • Sitecore XP