Tomra Delivers a Dazzling Digital Experience in China

Tomra AS

Tomra, a Norwegian pioneer of reverse vending systems that reward customers who deposit recyclable items into them, looked to Copenhagen Mist to help provide a brand-enhancing digital experience for its customers in China. The Sitecore website, hosted in Norway, was slowed by high latency and page load times as browser requests traveled over vast geographical distances.

Copenhagen Mist used its Azure Blueprint platform to deploy a dedicated Sitecore Content Delivery Node at the Azure data center in Beijing, China. Customers now have the best possible experience when they visit Tomra’s video-intense website; Azure Blueprint and Azure Traffic Manager work together route visitors to the nearest website presence.

Tomra’s Blueprint solution also enabled global Sitecore personalization by integrating a secure VPN to the company’s Sitecore xDB instance residing on-premises in Norway.

Thanks to Azure Blueprint Platform, Tomra is able to deliver a dazzling digital experience, higher availability and proactive infrastructure improvements.

CPH Mist delivers
  • High-performance video experience
  • Global personalization
  • China in-country presence
  • Azure PaaS
  • On-Prem Integration
  • Sitecore XP