Georg Jensen A/S

New ecommerce experience built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, InRiver and Sitecore on Azure

The Client’s story and problem

With a history that spans more than 100 years, the Georg Jensen brand represents quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design, producing lifestyle products ranging from hollowware to watches, jewellery and home products.

The philosophy of Georg Jensen himself was to create democratic designs possessing both functionality and beauty. His artisanal skill and artistic talent combined with his continuous ability to identify and support design talent was the foundation on which he built Georg Jensen in Copenhagen in 1904.

To extend its reach, scale and capture growth in the global market place, Georg Jensen A/S decided to go all cloud with a completely rearchitected eCommerce solution built by Alpha Solutions A/S on Salesforce Commerce Cloud (formerly Demandware), and utilizing InRiver, Sitecore and several integration services all running on Azure.

The Solution

While the frontend of the new eCommerce solution is running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud, all the authoring, product and integration components where deployed in modern environments on Microsoft Azure.

Copenhagen Mist provided an infrastructure reference design for the Sitecore Webapps PaaS deployment powering the content pages on Devops integrated with Octopus Deploy.

ERP integration components connecting the eCommerce solution to the on-prem Dynamics AX were also deployed on PaaS Services allowing for seamless, market-by-market transition from the previous eCommerce solution to the new.

InRiver PIM services were deployed on Managed IaaS, along with supporting services.

Extensive monitoring and alerting has been applied to the entire solution, ensuring proactive management and enabling rightsizing the deployed resources for optimal cost/performance ratios.

Copenhagen Mist is providing its continuous proactive management to the installation through its Azure+Management services.


The Cloud Advantage

The deployment architecture was planned to leverage key cloud benefits:

  • Scalability for seasonal eCommerce peaks, which Georg Jensen A/S experiences every December.
  • High availability, as downtime has a direct impact on eCommerce channel revenue.
  • Application resilience through continuous deployments, and enabling fast rollbacks of code or environment changes.

Using Azure PaaS services, enables the application owner to entirely focus on their application as the infrastructure is entirely managed by Microsoft. Availability is high through automated behind-the-scene load balancing, and all management such as patching and security is maintained by Microsoft as part of the platform offering. This provides an environment, where the whole infrastructure is configured through templates, also known as “Infrastructure as Code”.


The PaaS services and toolset, enables switching the focus to not only defining the environment, but to the continuous optimization of running the application.

With Azure PaaS, the solution is proactively managed. Any ongoing issue, performance wise, or failures, the details are surfaced directly to the operations and development teams, which can fix and mitigate before a significant number of users are experiencing any problem. This is effectively reversing the traditional flow, where issues are reported from the field to the digital agency, who then requests log details from the hosting partner, and only at this point gets to work on solving.

Besides the management advantage, PaaS is designed around highly scalable architectures, and additional capacity can be added within minutes on demand, with just a few clicks or as fully automated scaling.

The process and the results

From early in the application design phase, Copenhagen Mist worked closely with Georg Jensen A/S and the solution partner Alpha Solutions on infrastructure architecture, design and planning.

Azure DevOps workshops were conducted with the development team, and the workflow was established.

Throughout development, architecture sessions were conducted and design reviewed, factoring in business goals and the inbound and outbound integrations as well as a smooth transition from the existing, running eCommerce platform to the entirely new setup.

At the application level, the degree of instrumentation and monitoring on the solution is providing the implementation partner, Alpha Solutions, with valuable insights which enables them to service their customer proactively.

The production solution on Azure is managed within Copenhagen Mist’s management concept, providing continuous resource optimization, performance monitoring and alerting.

  • Azure IaaS
  • Azure PaaS
  • eCommerce
  • On-Prem Integration
  • PIM
  • Sitecore CMS