SUGCON announcement – A blueprint for the enterprise

SUGCON announcement – A blueprint for the enterprise 1024 678 Copenhagen Mist

SUGCON EU is this week, and there is no better venue to launch our newest additions to Azure Blueprint for Sitecore

Copenhagen Mist is a bronze sponsor this year, so come by our booth and tell us what you think. 

The idea behind a managed reference architecture like Azure Blueprint for Sitecore is to not only bring out the best of Azure in a comprehensive and prepackaged offering, but just as much to keep evolving it to do more for less. We do this on the core feature set, as well as for the overall delivery model, so we are excited to announce the following additions. 

A new configuration type for Business Critical deployments

The Blueprint topology has always been based around high avilability, flexibility and leveraging the best parts of Azure. With Microsoft’s introduction of Availability Zones, we are now taking the next step and are offering completely zone redundant deployments for maximum availability and response.  

The deployed services will throughout the stack be placed in redundant and seperate datacenters, connected to seperate power, cooling and networking. We are adding additional redundant resources to further ensure service stability during updates and other potentially interupting events. This principle is pervasive throughout the Business Critical configuration, and will give the highest levels of compound service availability. Naturally the configuation is bundled with our 24/7 support coverage.

The Business Critical configuration has also been incorporated into our online calculator, which is now provides you with a single view of Non-prod, Production and Production Business Critical pricing, features and calculated service levels based on your modeled topology on Azure. Go try out for yourself, and let us know what you think

An integrated DevOps service as part of the Blueprint

DevOps is the on-ramp to cloud deployments and an important factor in establing a setup that scales well over many geographies and environments. Not only is it a convinience, it is also critical in optimizing time to market an in minimizing operational risks.

The Blueprint DevOps service provides a clean interface for developers to deliver their build and tests into, and the Blueprint DevOps service takes care of the rest. We augment and optimise for PaaS deployments, and safely ensure the releases are promoted though the various QA environments until its final production targets across the globe.

The second best part of this service is that is is completely free of charge for our Blueprint customers.

A delivery model for Enterprise Agreements 

Many customers have expressed the desire to deploy Azure Blueprint for Sitecore in their established Enterprise Agreements with Microsoft. While this at first glance sounds like a simple request to honor, it does come with certain challenges related to commercials, as well as technical isolation and other of the core requirements for deploying Azure Blueprint. These challenges has now finally been dealt with, and we are now fully open for EA deployments too. Connect with our team to hear more.